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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cool Down at the Pineway Ponds Splash Pad

It's hot. It's humid. The kids are bored. You're out of "Camp Momma" or "Camp Poppa" ideas. Well, it's a good thing you've got ROCmomma on your side. How about a trip to the splash pad at Pineway Ponds Park in Ogden, NY?
Put the kids in their swim suits and water shoes or sandals, and pack your lunch, some snacks, and some drinks. Grab your beach/pool bag and load up the towels, sunblock, swim diapers, changes of clothes, and a big blanket. You're ready to go!

The splash pad is open from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The parking lot is free and it is right next to the splash pad, so you won't be walking very far. There are picnic tables, or grab some dry land and spread out your blanket. The restrooms are in a small building to the left of the splash pad - but note that there is no diaper changing table, and there are no changing rooms - only bathroom stalls.
There are lots of structures that spray, pour, and trickle water at the splash pad. Kids can climb on a dolphin or sea lion, slide down a whale, run through a rainbow, or get doused by toppling buckets. The best part is that there is zero depth, so even tiny tots can have a great time. No life jackets required. There are benches along the perimeter, but don't just sit on the sidelines; ROCmommas and ROCpoppas can play too! My fellow ROCmomma, Kim, and I decided to be bold and wear our swim suits too. Thankfully, we were not alone and we all had a great time.
When kids need a break from the water, there is a dry playground right next to the splash pad, with lots of things to climb up or slide down. Plus there are tons of low rock walls to climb.
Pineway Ponds Park is located a quarter-mile north of the Village of Spencerport on Route 259 (Union Street). If you are mapping a route, enter N Union St & Park Rd, Spencerport, NY as your destination. It's free. It's fun. It's something new. Give it a try!

As always, thanks for reading. If you head out to Pineway Ponds Park, please Post a Comment and tell us about your experience. Enjoy!


  1. Oh thank you! I am from Rochester and I never knew about this park!

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