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Monday, July 2, 2012

5 Reasons to Love Perinton Park

Perinton Park is my favorite park in the ROC area and it was introduced to me by my fellow ROCmomma Corie. It is located at 99 O'Connor Road, Fairport, NY (at Fairport Road & O'Connor Road). There are so many reasons why it's my favorite, where do I begin?

First, it is one of the few playgrounds in the shade. Huge trees surround the play structures so they don't get scorching hot, and we stay cooler as well. We've been to plenty of playgrounds where the equipment was so hot, we couldn't even stay to play.

Second, below the play equipment is sand, rather than wood chips or gravel. My kids love to dig so we usually bring a few pails, shovels, and plastic trucks. I've learned to bring extras, because other kids always want to join us. One tip: label your sand toys with your last name using permanent marker. Sometimes a borrowed toy will inadvertently end up in another part of the playground, and this makes it easy to claim it back.

Third, there are three different sections to the playground structures. There is a larger, higher section for bigger kids, a medium section...

...and even a lower, smaller section for little ones. There is a yellow slide behind my son in the picture below that has such a low incline, even a tiny tot can slide down.
There are also rocking toys (pictured below) and swings - baby swings, regular swings, and one swing for children with special needs.
The fourth reason why Perinton Park is my favorite is the Erie Canal. We usually bring our big red wagon (we used to bring the stroller; the park is definitely stroller friendly) and once the kids are tired of the playground, we walk past the basketball courts and up to the Erie Canal path. Your kids will have fun counting the ducks, boats, and kayaks. Plus it's a really pretty walk.

Another thing we love about Perinton Park is the train tracks. When you get up to the Erie Canal path, if you walk to the left, you just might see a train. There are a couple of spots where the tracks are visible right from the path. Or, when you're ready to leave, you can turn right out of the parking lot and follow O'Connor Road around the bend, and there are two railroad crossings. On the left by each crossing, there are businesses with large parking lots. We usually trespass for about 15-20 minutes in one of those lots to eat a snack in the car and wait to see a train pass by.

Added bonus: on the other side of Fairport Road, before turning on to O'Connor Road, there is a gas station with a Dunkin Donuts drive-through window. Such easy access if ROCmomma or ROCpoppa needs a tasty beverage before or after the park!

To be fair, I have a few complaints as well. First, there are only about five picnic tables by the playground and people often "claim" them for their entire visit. I have watched families finish their lunch, then leave all their sippy cups and water bottles on the table while they play. They return to the table only when they're ready to pack up and leave, and meanwhile the table has been unused and unusable (is that a word?) for an hour or so. It would be so much nicer if groups could use the table to eat lunch, then pack up and leave their belongings off to the side so that another group might eat their lunch at the table afterward. It just seems like the courteous thing to do, but, ah well.

My other complaint is that there is a bit of a walk to the restroom from the playground. As much as we encourage, "Don't wait til it's too late," we usually end up with wet pants if the restroom is more than a few feet away. If your child waits until they're hopping on one foot before telling you they need the potty, I recommend bringing a couple changes of clothes just in case.

As always, thanks for reading. Be sure to Post a Comment the next time you go to Perinton Park and tell us about your experience.


  1. Hey Kim...it's Melissa (Chris friend). You are a wealth of information! I'll be sure to check out this park. It sounds perfect! I can't wait to check out your older posts!

    1. Hi Melissa! I'm so glad you like the blog. We're big fans of Perinton Park - let me know if you want to have a play date there. Hope to see you soon! :)


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