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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tips and Activities for a Road Trip with Kids - Part 2

The first post in this series provided an overview of the top ten things to bring or do to help ensure your kids are occupied and don't even think the words, "Are we there yet?" during your next road trip.

Number ten in that list is an Activity Binder for each child. I came across this idea on Pinterest, and love the one that Gluesticks created. This is a wonderful source of entertainment for kids around ages 2 1/2 and up. You can tailor the activities in each binder according to their age and interests.

First, you'll need a binder, folder, or clipboard. I picked up a couple of one-inch binders to get started. In the front pocket are colorful circle stickers from the office supply aisle as well as a dry erase markers. For older kids, you might want a few more colors for the markers. All of the activities are in sheet protectors so that they can be reused. The kids can use the dry erase markers to write directly on the sheet protectors, and then erase and write or draw again. The dollar bins at Target had a two-pack of mini, magnetic erasers for dry erase boards. Score! It sticks right to the inner spine of the binder.

Next, I used Google Maps to map out our route. When we hit our 100 mile marks, the kids will get a "reward" and I will help them put a sticker on the map to show how far we have traveled.
For some crazy fun, I printed out some pictures of the family members so they can make silly faces. I went into our photo library on the computer, cropped some pictures to get just the faces, and printed 8x10 copies on regular paper. Slide them into page protectors, and doodle away.
My boys love hidden picture books. So I found a few hidden picture pages on Spoonful.com: here are  pirate treasure and hidden airplane pages. They can use the dry erase markers to circle the objects, or we can slide the pages out for them to color.
Many of the games below came from Prepared Not Scared! Here are links to Slug Bug and Street Sign Tic Tac Toe. We'll probably just look for any cars in the colors on Slug Bug, rather than solely VW Beetles. We will use the circle stickers from the front pockets of their binders to mark off the items they find.
Here is a link for free printable Road Trip Bingo cards. I printed each one at 140% to fill the page (you may have to play with this on your computer). There are six variations for multiple players. You could print them on card stock for durability, or use a page protector and dry-erase markers for longevity of the game. The Alphabet Search was created by Prepared Not Scared!
 "I Spy" can be played as Bingo, or just as a checklist of items to find. Again, we'll use the circle stickers as markers. The connect-the-dots picture can be completed on the sheet protector with the dry erase marker, or we can slide them out to be colored with crayons.
Who doesn't like "Find the Difference" puzzles? I included one from Spoonful, plus a page from their On-the-Go Activity Pack. It is another free printable, and is geared toward children a bit older than mine (preferably those who can read). However, page 3 features Spot-A-Sign and Maze Craze. My young'uns will enjoy those.
Here are a few more hidden picture puzzles: a witch, and St. Patrick's Day Mickey Mouse.
In the back pocket of the binder, I've included a dry erase board. Once again, Target Dollar Spot to the rescue. One side of the board is ruled, the other is blank. Perfect for doodling, writing, tic tac toe, hangman, and more.

There is one final page in the Activity Binder, but you'll have to wait until the next post to check it out.

I hope you enjoy making an Activity Binder before your next road trip with the kids. What else do you plan to add to your binder? Be sure to Post a Comment and let us know. As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome idea! I just made some for my 3 oldest kids. We have a very long road trip ahead of us, and I hope this will help keep them entertained!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by ROCmomma! I'm happy to hear that you made a trio of activity binders; let us know how your kids liked them. Good luck, and safe travels!

  2. Thank you for all of these amazing ideas! I will sure be using these!

  3. found on pinterest, thanks for all the tips & links - we are going on a 24 hr drive from Ontario Canada to Disney at the end of August! My boys are 3.5 & 5.5 yrs old... first LOOOOONG road trip!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by ROCmomma. I'm glad you found the information useful. I hope you had a wonderful trip and that your boys enjoyed all the fun you planned for them. :)

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