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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spooky Hayrides, Giant Teepees, and Colorful Chickens...oh my!

A few days ago, when my Kindergartener got home from school, we decided to head out for a little Halloween-inspired fun. We had driven by Powers Farm Market the day before, and the boys were excited to go see the giant teepees. Since I've reviewed Powers Farm Market already, let's just take a look at the fall festivities.

First, the boys had fun looking at all of the pumpkins. They walked up and down the rows, pointing out the exceptionally large ones, the deformed ones, and especially the smashed ones with the insides spilling out. The white pumpkins are also fun to look at; we call them ghost pumpkins!
Next stop: the giant teepees.
 I mean, these things are huge.

Inside, it's dark and a little spooky...but not too scary. The first teepee has a bajillion jack-o-lanterns. They are hand-carved and absolutely spectacular. Walk in and absorb the creativity and diligence and glow of a room full of jack-o-lanterns.
Then follow the string of lights through the tunnel and into the second teepee. Look up as glowing eyes eerily peer down at you. Clap your hands, and see what happens next! When you've had enough of the spookiness, just make your way out of the teepee.
After the teepees, we highly recommend the haunted hayride. You can purchase tickets inside the farm market. Be sure to sit on an angle so you can face forward; the sights are on either side of the path. The tractor will pull you into Witches' Hollow for a ghoulishly fun ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Okay, it's not that crazy but I was impressed with the mechanical figures, the moving trees, and all the scarecrows and witches. And the sounds, too. They really did a fantastic job decorating the woods and bringing in a tremendous amount of detail. It's not really a scary ride, but it is definitely entertaining for the pre-schoolers, Kindergarteners, and (I would guess...) even kids a few years older.
Just beware of giant creepy crawlies that might jump out at you!
After the hayride, we used up some quarters to feed the animals. Be sure to see the new rescue chickens there! They look like walking fluffs of cotton candy, and were rescued from the New York State Fair.
If you need a snack after your Halloweenish adventures, stop inside for some apples, doughnuts, or cookies. We are big fans of the giant Powers Farm Market cookies. My Kindergartener loves the snickerdoodles, my two-year-old is partial to chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin - depending on his mood,  and my personal fave is the Heath bar cookie. Mmmm...now I want one.

I hope your family is having fun celebrating fall! There are certainly tons of farms in the Rochester area with activities just for the kids. As long as the weather cooperates, we'll be visiting as many of those farms as we can.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. We were there over the weekend and saw your rescue chickens. We have to know ... why are they colored like that?

    1. Jessica, thanks for visiting ROCmomma! I'm glad to hear you went to Powers Farm Market; I hope you had a great time. I left a message over at the farm to ask about the chickens and will post an answer as soon as I have one. Since they were rescued from the NYS Fair, I'm assuming the chickens' feathers were dyed for some type of "best in show" contest. Please stay tuned for more information. Thanks!


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