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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fun Afternoon at Powers Farm Market

It's nice outside. The kids want to go somewhere. You only have an hour or two. Where should you go? Powers Farm Market. You can browse the fresh produce, annuals, and perennials, grab a snack, feed and pet some friendly farm animals, and still be home by nap time (or dinner time, et cetera).

Powers Farm Market is located at 161 Marsh Street in Pittsford, at the intersection of Golf and Marsh. When you park your car, you might be greeted by a chicken. They're basically the welcoming committee. This time of year, there are myriad hanging plants and flowers waiting to be planted in your garden, as well as whimsical garden accessories. In the fall, you'll have your pick of pumpkins and gourds.

Inside the market, pick up a big basket and have your kids help you on a Fruit & Veggie Scavenger Hunt.  We usually check out the freshly baked cookie selection (I just can't pass it up!) and pick out a couple to share. They're huge, so I don't let my kids eat a whole one.

There are some benches on the front porch of the market where you can enjoy your cookie - or banana, apple, or peach if you have the will power to avoid the sweet treats.  

After your snack, walk around back for some real fun. You'll find chickens, deer, goats, sheep, alpaca, rabbits, miniature donkeys, and a pony. Be sure to bring some quarters for the animal food machines. We usually also bring some plastic cups or zip-top bags to collect the food (otherwise handfuls tend to get dropped), and antibacterial gel plus wipes. I keep Method antibacterial all-purpose wipes in my glove compartment just for times like this.
You can feed the deer, goats, sheep, alpaca, and donkeys by hand. They're all friendly and tame; they're just a bit slobbery. There is a feeder chute for the pony because he can bite; drop the food in at the top and it lands in a bucket for the pony.
And of course, no trip to a farm-related establishment would be complete without a tractor sighting!
There are benches by the animals, so after you're through feeding them, you can sit and watch them for a while. There is also a good-sized lawn to run around.

In the fall, the three giant teepees on the property become a super-fun haunted house filled with jack-o-lanterns, lights, scary eyes, and more. The kids can run through the haunted teepees over and over and over again (for free). Plus there are hayrides, for a fee, which the kids love. If you're looking for something to do this spring, summer, or fall, check out Powers Farm Market.

As always, thanks for reading! If you have a fun farm story to share, please Post a Comment. Thanks!

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