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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have You Been to Kings Bend Park?

The other day, after subjecting the kids to running errands and dragging them to more than a few stores, I wanted to treat them to some playground time. They were so well behaved, which is no easy task for a two- and four-year-old. Into the car seats, out of the car seats, into the shopping cart, don't touch, we're not getting that today, out of the shopping cart. Repeat.

But, where to go? There are myriad playgrounds in the immediate area and my kids love them all. The problem is they love them too much. It's hard to limit our time; once we're at a park, we're committed. We run, swing, slide, and climb til we drop. No amount of bribery seems to work; they won't just leave without a huge scene unless they decide they are done playing. Usually, that's not a problem.

On this particular day, we only had about 30-45 minutes before my younger son would need to nap. I needed somewhere low key...so I turned onto Jefferson Road and pulled into Kings Bend Park. Perfect!

If you've never been to Kings Bend Park - 170 West Jefferson Road, in Pittsford - after pulling into the parking lot, continue around to the right and park close to the playground. There is a playground structure with a climbing wall, a few climbing/swinging features, a bridge, slide, and more. Not too big; not too small.
There is a separate, smaller structure with a slide that's perfect for toddlers. Plus there are swings - two regular and two baby swings. A few benches line the playground perimeter for pooped parents.

The pond beyond the playground gives us a nice break. My boys like to take a walk along the fence to count the number of ducks they can find. And the super-colossal, can't-be-beat, stupefying bonus of this park: A TRAIN. Yes, there are train tracks on the other side of the fence running along the parking lot. The highlight of our day was getting to see a diesel engine pulling some tanker cars and box cars. Life doesn't get much better.

The one down-side to Kings Bend Park is that the restrooms are only available when the lodges are open. (there are two winterized lodges on the park grounds, which are available to rent) Be sure to "go" before you go.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you have fun with your kids at Kings Bend Park soon.

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