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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last-Minute, Simple & Cute Mother's Day Gifts (Perfect for Grandma!)

Did the middle of May sneak up on you, too? One minute we're shoveling snow, and the next minute it's 80 degrees out. Oh wait! That was just last month. Maybe that's why it doesn't truly feel like we should be making plans and wrapping presents for Mother's Day just yet. Ah, presents. It's easy to find a great present for some moms, and it's a nightmare for others.

The best way around this gift gauntlet is to have or adopt children. From the moment you are expecting, all Mother's Day presents for Grandma are automatic no-brainers. Framed ultrasound photos, framed hand prints, framed photos of the kid(s), framed artwork created by the kid(s). The possibilities are endless. Just walk through Michael's, AC Moore, or JoAnn's, and you're likely to find something the kids can make for your mom.

Below are five kid-tested, mother-approved, SIMPLE ideas for the Grandmas. I promise, you do not have to be a Martha Stewart-level crafter for any of these projects.

Some ideas require photos of the kid(s). Unless you print your own, you can upload digital photos to a free photo sharing site such as Shutterfly, then order your prints online for in-store pick up at Target, Walgreens, or CVS. The prints are usually ready within a few hours. So easy!

1. Finger Painting 2-in-1
This was our Mother's Day idea two years ago. First, you'll need some frames with two 5x7 openings. Then, set up a finger painting session for the kid(s). Worried about the mess? Go outside. Set up a table outside with an old tablecloth. Lay out a piece of poster paper, pour finger paints in a few plastic bowls,  take off their shirts (or turn them inside out), and keep the camera snapping. Once their masterpiece is dry, cut out 5x7 sections to include in the frames along with a photo of the fun.
2. Photo & Saying Collage
I don't want to post this year's project, just in case any of the Grandmas are reading along. But here is a similar idea for a 12x12 framed collage. You'll need:

  • Recent 4x6 photo of the kid(s)
  • 12x12 scrapbook paper (or cut a 12x12 square from wrapping paper, an old gift bag, or even a shopping bag)
  • Assorted patterned papers (or use old greeting cards, magazines, wrapping paper, etc.)
  • Solid-colored paper 
  • glue stick, tape runner, and/or foam squares (pop dots, glue dots, Dimensionals, etc.)
  • ruler and scissors, or paper trimmer
  • markers
  • 12x12 frame (available at Michael's, ACMoore, Target, etc.)
First, center the photo on your 12x12 paper and adhere it with the tape runner or a glue stick. Then, cut your patterned paper and solid paper into 2x2 squares. You'll need about 22 squares total; I used 6 solid and 16 patterned.

Using the solid paper, ask the kids what they like best about Grandma or what they like to do with Grandma and write those down. If the kids are old enough, they can do the writing. Examples: Grandma's cookies; Going to the park with Grandma; Going to the big zoo with Grandma; Talking on the phone with Grandma; Big hugs from Grandma; We love you Grandma!
Start arranging the squares. We had two rows of 5 squares on the top and bottom, plus two squares to the left and two squares to the right of the photo. Attach foam squares to the back of the hand-written squares and have your kids stick them on the page. The raised squares make the sayings POP off the page.
Using the glue stick (easier for little kids) or tape runner (less messy), adhere the rest of the squares to the page.

 When you're done, pop your masterpiece into the frame and you're ready to wrap it up.
3. Clay Magnets
NOTE: The only drawback to this idea is that you need at least two to three days due to drying time.

Day 1: Make your shapes. We used Crayola Air-Dry Clay, but you could also use Crayola Model Magic or even homemade play dough. Grab some cookie cutters or Play Doh shape cutters and have fun!

Day 2: Once your shapes have dried, paint them. We used kid-friendly washable paint.

Day 3: Secure magnetic strips to the backs of your shapes using a glue gun. Unfortunately, the adhesive on the magnetic strips does not stick well to the clay. If you don't have a glue gun, I highly recommend making the $10 investment. Otherwise, white craft glue will work...it just requires additional drying time. We found some cute tins at Target for $1 (in the bins at the front of the store; I call them the Dollar Bins but I'm not sure that's the official title), add some tissue paper, and they're ready for the Grandmas!

4. Recordable Books 
Last year, we bought recordable books from Hallmark. The instructions are simple to record the kids reading each page (you record one page at a time, so it's easy to go back and re-record when necessary). Then Grandma can listen to their sweet little voices "read" the story any time she likes.

5. Recordable Photo Frames
A variation on the previous idea, we have also given recordable photo frames as gifts for the Grandmas, and they have all been very well received. Have the kids practice a few times, then record the greeting. You can always re-record it, although sometimes an "outtake" is better. We were recording one for my mom last year and our four-year-old was clear, but our two-year-old just babbled. We couldn't understand him, but it was so cute and hilarious that we just had to leave it as is.

Whatever gifts you decide to make (or buy), I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. As always, thanks for reading! And if you have a crafty Mother's Day idea to share, please Post a Comment. Thanks. 

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