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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sidewalk Chalk Activities to Keep the Kiddos Busy

Summer vacation is almost here. If you're home with the kiddos, you might be anxiously pinning ideas on Pinterest or frantically scheduling play dates to keep the kids busy. Or you might be in denial. That's okay - ROCmomma to the rescue!

Last summer, we posted a summer's worth of DIY Backyard Summer Camp themes and activities. This summer, we're making the most of things you have around the house (or things you should have around the house if you want to keep the kids occupied).

One thing you need in your summer arsenal? Sidewalk chalk. Oh, the things you can do with sidewalk chalk! Of course there's hop scotch, four square, and drawing pretty pictures…but don't stop there.

Tic Tac Toe - Draw a Tic Tac Toe grid with chalk and ask one kid to collect rocks while the other collects sticks. Take turns tossing rocks and sticks onto the Tic Tac Toe squares; three rocks or three sticks in a row wins.

Corn Hole (Bean Bag Toss) - Draw two sets of targets with chalk; draw different sizes and assign different point values. Grab bean bags or rocks and take turns tossing to hit the targets. Use chalk to keep a tally of points.
Corn Hole/Bean Bag Toss targets
"I got this, Mommy."
Shape Soccer - Draw a goal (large rectangle) with chalk, then draw different shapes that are large enough to stand on. Each shape should be a few feet from the goal, in somewhat of a semi-circle around the goal. Grab a ball and take turns standing on a shape and kicking the ball. If the ball passes through the goal, that player gets one point. Do this at each shape, and use chalk to keep a tally of points. Variations: Swap the soccer ball for hockey sticks and a small ball, or try bouncing a basketball onto the goal.
Here is the Shape Hockey variation.

Obstacle Course - Use chalk to draw spots for kids to hop, run, jump, turn around, zig zag, you name it! Once the novelty wears off, time them. Challenge them to beat their best time. Then have them try to go through backwards. Then while holding hands. Then while singing a song the whole time. The fun never ends!
START! 3 Hops (right foot)
3 Hops (left foot), then Turn Around
Jump Over, Jump Over, then Zig Zag
Turn Around then Run to the Shapes
Hop from Shape to Shape (follow the arrows)
Victory Dance! You made it!
Chalk City - Use chalk to draw streets, stop signs, buildings, a park, your house, etc. Kids can ride bicycles or tricycles through your city.
Of course we had to have Target
in our Chalk City. (and I can't
believe I didn't take more pictures!)
I hope you enjoy these games, and have fun coming up with your own.

How do you play with sidewalk chalk? Post a Comment and let us know. As always, thanks for reading.

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