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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party: Part 3

Now that you have your invitations, thank you cards, decorations, and super-hero attire, you are ready to think about goodie bags and party food. Dig in and enjoy these ideas for your amazing Spider-Man birthday party!

Goodie Bags

Some of our guests have severe food allergies, so we tried to avoid most edible treats for the piñata and goodie bags.

Spider-Man treat bags were filled with a Spider-Man book and then the kids added more after the piñata was broken. The piñata was filled with Spider-Man tattoosSpider-Man stickersmini bottles of bubblesspider rings, plastic spiders, and Spider-Man fruit snacks.

Party Food
The tables were set with plastic cups filled with fruit bars that had Spider-Man faces* glued onto the package, so the kids could help themselves. We also set up a cooler with juice boxes and a beverage dispenser with ice water.

For lunch we had a sheet pizza delivered, plus had a few sandwiches of SunButter and jelly made for anyone who did not like pizza or is lactose-intolerant. SunButter is made from sunflower seeds, is peanut-free, and is made in a facility that is peanut-free, so it is safe for those with tree-nut allergies. We also offered cups of grapes.

ROCmomma TIP: Wash the grapes ahead of time, remove from stems, and place in small plastic cups the night before or morning of the party. Place cups in a large tray and keep, loosely covered, in the refrigerator until party time. This makes serving the kids a breeze!

Dessert was cupcakes and ice cream.

ROCmomma TIP: The day before the party, scoop ice cream into cupcake liners. Place in a large tray and store, loosely covered, in the freezer until party time.  We used Spider-Man cupcake liners. This time-saving tip makes it quick, easy, and mess-free to serve ice cream to a bunch of hungry kids!
We used the same Spider-Man cupcake liners for the cupcakes. To keep them allergen-free, we used Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate and yellow cake mixes and vanilla frosting mix (to accommodate a dairy allergy, we used dairy-free vegan margarine in place of the margarine for the frosting).
Spider-Man's colors may be red and blue, but my son's favorite colors are green and blue. The cupcake frosting reflects his choice of colors, and were decorated using Wilton decorating icing tubes in black, red, blue, and white.

To make the spiders, use the decorating tubes to make a circle just above the center, and then a long diamond below. Draw two bent lines going up and two going down on each side to make the legs.

To make the spider webs, use the decorating tubes to write the number of the birthday you are celebrating. Draw lines at the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions, and then draw one line between each of those (8 lines, all together). Draw the scalloped edge of the web by connecting the outer point of each line to the next line. Repeat the same types of lines to surround the number in the center.

To make the Spider-Man faces, you might want to purchase cake decorating pieces for this purpose instead of attempting it yourself. Unless you are really skilled with decorating tubes. I am not so skilled, so I gave up on these after four attempts. At least they still tasted yummy.

* FREE PRINTABLES: Here are the printables I created for this party in PowerPoint for Mac. Here is another pdf version, in case you have trouble opening the PowerPoint version. Please note that I do not own these images, nor do I have permission to sell them. These are FREE and are for your personal use and convenience only.

Have fun filling your goodie bags and designing your party menu! Be sure to check out the rest of the How to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party series for more amazing ideas:

As always, thanks for reading!

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