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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party: Part 2

If your child is a Spider-Man fan, you're in luck! This week's series features everything you need to throw an amazing DIY Spider-Man birthday party.

Yesterday we featured the invitations and thank you cards. Today is a closer look at preparing for the day of the party: the decorations and the party attire.

We set up a tent in the backyard and decorated with a Spider-Man banner, red and blue balloons, and the contents of a Spider-Man decorating kit.
The tables were covered in red and blue plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree.
Since the party was in the backyard, we created signs* to lead everyone around back.

We had lots of foam sheets in our craft bins, plus some garden stakes in the garage. We printed the signs* on white card stock, trimmed and attached them to foam sheets along with some Spider-Man stickers. Then we attached the garden stake to the back with packaging tape and tied a red or blue balloon to each stake.


As the host family, it is mandatory to be dressed in super-hero shirts. Capes are optional. This is a great time to get a second use out of old Halloween costumes! No costumes on hand? No problem. We have had luck in both Old Navy and Target to find super-hero t-shirts. The birthday boy wore Spider-Main (of course!), ROCpoppa wore Captain America, and ROCmomma wore Wonder Woman. Little brother asserted his independence and chose a Toy Story shirt instead. Oh well; we tried.

* FREE PRINTABLES: Here are the printables I created for this party in PowerPoint for Mac. Here is another pdf version, in case you have trouble opening the PowerPoint version. Please note that I do not own these images, nor do I have permission to sell them. These are FREE and are for your personal use and convenience only.

Have fun decorating and finding your favorite super-hero on a t-shirt! Be sure to check out the rest of the How to Have an Amazing Spider-Man Birthday Party series:

As always, thanks for reading!


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