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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Toilet-Paper Tube Snowman Craft

Yes, it's almost Valentine's Day. Chances are, if you are making crafts with your kids you are probably making hearts and cupids. But not our family. No. My boys wanted to make snowmen.

Since there is merely a sprinkling of snow left on the ground (no complaints), we made crafty snowpeople indoors. I found this idea through Pinterest on the JT Photography site.
Here is a look at the materials you will need.
  • Toilet paper tube 
  • White paper, cut to 4 1/2" x 6"
  • Pipe cleaner, cut to 4"
  • 2 pom poms
  • 2 google eyes
  • Orange foam sheet or construction paper to cut nose (approximately 1" long and about 1/2" wide at the base)
  • Ribbon, cut to 12"
  • 3 small buttons (or sequins)
  • Cotton balls
  • Paper plate or other base (other ideas: repurpose a shoe box, shirt box, or even a cereal box)
  • Glue stick, white craft glue, and large glue dots
  • Scissors
Apply glue stick to the edges of the paper, line up the toilet paper tube with one short edge, then roll to cover the tube with paper. You may need to add more glue stick to seal the edge. Use scissors to trim the top or bottom, if necessary.
Apply two glue dots to the top of your toilet paper tube - on opposite sides - and secure the pipe cleaner for the ear muffs.
Adhere a pom pom on each side to cover the ends of the pipe cleaner. Some of each glue dot should still be exposed around the pipe cleaner, and the pom poms will stick to that.
Use glue dots to adhere two google eyes. Then use glue stick to adhere a nose. Next, lay the ribbon on your crafting space and place the tube in the center. Swipe some glue stick across the center of the tube and tie a double-knot with the ribbon, using the glue to secure it in place. Trim the ends of the ribbon with scissors, if necessary.
Secure three buttons onto your snowperson with glue stick.
Next cover a paper plate with craft glue
Place the snowperson in the center, and add cotton balls around it to cover the plate.
We had so much fun making these yesterday, the boys are already asking to make them again today. I guess since it will be an early Spring, we should get all of the winter crafts in now.
I hope you have fun making some snow people. As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. These are so adorable! It is hard to find a craft that looks very cute but isn't too complicated but this one is perfect! You have given us great instructions and photos to clearly guide us through the project. Thank you!


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