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Monday, August 26, 2013

Backyard Camp-Out!

If your kids are new to camping and you want to test-drive the experience before committing to an actual camping trip, try a Backyard Camp-Out!

Grab (or borrow) a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, and folding chairs. Then enlist your kids to help set up your camp site.

 Don't forget some stuffed animals to snuggle at night! And a few extra blankets; it can get chilly at night.

Once the camp site is ready, it's time to have some fun! Take a dip in the pool, play catch, get out your lawn games, even unleash a few surprises. As long as you're outdoors, any activity is fair game.
Splash time in the kiddie pool.
Game-face during Bocce Ball.
Surprise! Silly String time!
To help keep everyone outside during the Camp Out, be sure to pack snacks to keep at your camp site and load the cooler with water and other beverages. Enjoy your meals picnic-style, or just lounging in chairs. Of course, trips inside to use the bathroom are allowed.
Lunch break.
Play a few more games, blow some bubbles, have another splash in the pool or sprinkler, then take a walk to gather sticks for the fire. After the walk, it's time to prepare the fire.

We decided the barbecue grill was in-bounds for our camp out, so we grilled veggie burgers for dinner, along with some side salads that were prepared ahead of time.

Another walk and a little more play time, and then it's time to settle down. The boys had their first S'mores by the camp fire!
S'mores face.
Then we changed into pajamas and read stories by the fire. It's a good idea to keep flashlights or camping lanterns handy for night-time bathroom runs.
Once the kids were asleep, my ROCpoppa and I got to enjoy the camp fire in peace and quiet for a little while. Then we snuggled in with the kids. Miraculously, everyone stayed asleep until their normal wake-up time. Woo Hoo! Success!

Now that we know the kids enjoy camping, we are definitely going to plan a real camping trip. How about your family? Be sure to Post a Comment and share your camping tips and experiences! As always, thanks for reading.

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